EastEnders: Steven’s lie discovered by Jane – here’s what happens next

A showdown is brewing at the Beales, and someone might not survive it...


Jane Beale came perilously close to discovering stepson Steven’s brain tumour lie after a shock discovery in tonight’s episode.


As the family reeled from Steven’s announcement he has a terminal tumour and could have just a few months to live, neither Jane or husband Ian have a clue that he’s making the whole thing up as part of a sick game to punish fiancee Lauren Branning for secretly aborting his baby and having feelings for her ex-boss, Josh Hemmings.

After Steven angrily refused Jane’s offer of financial help to fund alternative treatment abroad, Mrs Beale put it down to stress and her stepson not wanting to give himself any false hope.

Suspicion began to set in later for Jane when she was home alone after Steven and Ian went for a walk. Hearing a phone ringing from the sideboard she discovered a mobile hidden in a drawer which was receiving a call from a mysterious ‘M’ (actually Max, who viewers saw leave a threatening voicemail for Steven having realised he’d told his parents about the fake illness and urging him to keep his name out of it).

Rifling through the drawer to see what else was being kept from prying eyes, Jane found a packet of pills which, judging by the packaging, was clearly some kind of animal medication from a vets’.

Channelling her inner Jessica Fletcher, Jane remembered the empty blister pack of tablets Steven dropped on the floor in the kitchen earlier which she’d put in the bin – retrieving the pack she realised they were the same pills as the mysterious veterinary medication…

In tomorrow’s episode, Jane attempts to get answers from Steven as to why he’s taking tablets meant for sick pets (how long until she clocks the coincidence that Abi works in a vets’?) – and by next week she’s discovered his deceit about dying and that Max is part of his sick scheme.

The showdown between Jane and Steven is at the centre of next week’s explosive episodes revolving around a gas explosion in the Square which puts the entire community in danger – as the blast occurs the pair are clashing at Beales’ restaurant, with Max having demanded Steven do whatever it takes to keep Jane quiet…

Will rifling around in the Beale sideboard ultimately lead to Jane’s demise?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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