EastEnders: Jane in danger as she confronts twisted Steven?

Will Jane get to the truth - and at what cost?


A suspicious Jane Beale looks set to hunt for the truth in next week’s EastEnders when Steven’s behaviour becomes a cause for concern. But is she putting herself in grave danger in the process?


As fans of the BBC1 soap know, Steven has lied to Lauren about the so-called tumour in his so-called brain, but a panicky Mr Beale faces fresh pressure when his girlfriend insists that the rest of the family should now be told.

Knowing that his fake diagnosis will cause his nearest and dearest much heartache (what with the whole Lucy being murdered thing…), Steven is initially reluctant, but is left with little choice but to tell Ian and Jane.


In the aftermath of the bombshell news being dropped, a desperate Ian says that he can’t face losing another chid, while Jane asks Steven whether he’s considered seeking alternative treatment in America.

But when Steven snaps at her, claiming that he doesn’t want to be offered false hope, Jane is immediately put on her guard, suspecting that he might not be telling the whole truth.

As long-time viewers know, the pair have a history of explosive confrontations, a prior showdown in 2007 landing Jane in hospital with a gunshot wound.

And next week, there’s the prospect of the two of them going to head to head for a second time when – after Steven and Ian go out – Jane makes a startling discovery.

Scenes to be shown on Friday 1 September will then see Jane wait for Steven, now determined to get answers for herself? But might a set-to once again prove to be potentially deadly?

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