EastEnders: Mick loses everything, Linda’s reeling and Whitney flees after big three-hander

The emotional episode pushed the Carter marriage to the edge of collapse


Mick and Linda Carter’s marriage is hanging by a thread after he confessed to his wife about kissing daughter-in-law Whitney in tonight’s EastEnders, which was a special three-hander episode focusing on the Walford love triangle.


As angry Linda demanded both Mick and Whitney get out of her pub, what does the future hold for the family?


The intense instalment picked up directly after last night’s bombshell from Mick to his missus that he was in love with someone else, and when Linda worked out it was Whitney the fur really started to fly in a long, dark night of the soul upstairs in the Vic.

Picking over the bones of their relationship, fuming Linda demanded details from her hubby about how and why it happened, even questioning whether her rape ordeal with Dean Wicks played a part in putting distance between them.

Mick seemed to regret his indiscretion after coming clean but eventually blew up and blamed Linda for not being there when he needed her, having spent the last eight months caring for her mum Elaine in Watford following her stroke – although viewers know this isn’t strictly true, as recent scenes have shown Elaine looking far from infirm and there clearly being another reason Linda has stayed away.

There was a tantalising moment where it looked like L would confess the truth about her Watford interlude, but Mrs Carter was so incandescent the screaming and shouting continued…

Dragging Whitney into the row literally by her hair and accusing her son’s ex of trying to get her claws into Mick for months (finding out Whit had borrowed one of her favourite pink jackets just rubbed salt into the wound), as well as telling her Lee’s problems were all her fault, Linda announced she was “putting the rubbish out” as she chucked her daughter-in-law’s possessions down the stairs and Whitney fled the pub in her pyjamas.


Mick begged Linda to fight for their marriage, and even suggested making a fresh start away from Walford, but it’s clear it’s going to take a lot for L to move on from this.

As Mick stepped outside the pub after angrily trashing the bar, a raging Whitney confronted him for ruining her life, insisting she’d moved on with Woody and that the kiss between them meant nothing. “You’ve lost everything…” she snarled, as Mick cut a lonely figure staring up at tearful Linda at the window.


On Thursday it appears Mick is still living at the pub, for now, but the rest of the family start to suspect all is not well and Linda struggles to hold it together. And next week, the couple try to get back to normal but there’s still tension in the air.

Can the childhood sweethearts come through this, or is this too much for Linda to forgive? Will she reveal what really went on in Watford that kept her from her husband and contributed to him seeking comfort in another woman’s arms? One thing’s for sure, we don’t think Mick is still walking Whit down the aisle…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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