EastEnders: more clashes for Mick and Linda next week

Can the Carter marriage get back on track?


Mick and Linda Carter are still reeling following recent revelations in next week’s EastEnders. After discovering the truth about her husband’s dalliance with daughter-in-law Whitney, can they repair the cracks in their marriage or is it too late?


The air remains a little on the frosty side on Monday in the Queen Vic as Mick and Linda try to get back to normal. Throwing themselves into work (they’ve still got a pub to run after all), they interview for new bar staff and Linda is keen to give Keanu Taylor a trial, with the lad desperate to earn some dosh to ease his family’s financial crisis. 

Unfortunately, fussy Fi Browning sticks her oar in and doesn’t think Keanu fits her vision of the Vic’s upmarket new look and she and Linda soon clash. But their conversation takes a surprising turn when Linda starts to open up to the blonde businesswoman – is there a friendship brewing between the bitter rivals? And is Linda wise to pal up with Fi, seeing as we don’t quite know what her and Max Branning’s secret agenda is yet?

On Tuesday, Linda continues to try and wrestle control of the pub back from Fi and her corporate cronies and tells a disgruntled Ms Browning she’s offered Tracey her old job back behind the bar (a nation rejoices! Those ‘Save Tracey’ placards paid off in the end).

But what does the future hold for Linda and Mick’s marriage in the long term? Can they really put everything behind them? Can they all move on – including Whitney – or has too much happened? And is Fi’s presence set to cause more problems? If her and Max are trying to steal the Vic, Mick and Linda are going to have to present a united front – otherwise they could lose their livelihood, as well as each other… 


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