EastEnders: Mitchells torn apart by Phil’s shock revelation next week

What does he confess in a showdown with Jay?


The Mitchells are at war in next week’s EastEnders when Phil fuels a rivalry between Ben and Jay Brown that drives a wedge between the brothers – and leads to a huge revelation set to rock the Walford clan. 


Discussing with wife Sharon he wants to put his affairs in order and ensure his family’s future, Phil announces on Monday that he’s giving son Ben control of the Arches – and handing over the car lot to Jay. But when Ben discovers the car lot is worth more, it causes a rift between the boys making Ben think Jay is his father’s favourite.

Paranoid Ben confides in mum Kathy Beale his fears that Jay is more valued by Phil, despite him not being a blood relative, and Kaff tears a strip off her ex for upsetting their son. Telling his dad where he can stick his business, Ben begs Phil to explain his actions, sensing there’s a hidden reason behind his gesture to Jay.

Not wanting to cause a row, Jay declines the car lot offer and in Thursday’s episode arranges for Phil and Sharon to come round for dinner in order to clear the air with Ben. However, Phil doesn’t even bother turning up and Ben’s upset escalates – so Jay storms round to confront Phil.    

With the whole family confused by now as to Phil’s sudden decision, the head of the Mitchells still refuses to open up and his behaviour becomes increasingly worrying.

Finally, on Friday, a heated showdown ensues between Phil and Jay where the honorary Mitchell lad urges his surrogate father to tell him what’s really going on – but he’s not prepared for what he hears when Phil makes a shocking revelation…  

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.

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