EastEnders: Max flees the country with Carmel?

What will Fi have to say about Mr Branning's latest plan?


Carmel Kazemi falls deeper for Max Branning in next week’s EastEnders and admits she’s in love with him. As she invites Max on holiday, she has no idea what him and Fi Browning are secretly planning… Come to think of it, do any of us?!


Excitedly asking him to join her, Dee and the gang on their upcoming holiday in Monday’s episode, Max must stall as he secretly consults with co-conspiritor – and secret squeeze – Fi, seeing as he’s only cosying up to Carm to glean information on the council’s planning department.

But if he thinks a holiday is taking the fake romance a bit too far, he’s properly shocked when Carm says she loves him. How will Max react to her dropping the L bomb this early?

Continuing to string Mrs Kazemi along as she starts packing the bathing suits, Max makes things more official and goes for a family dinner on Tuesday to bond with Carmel’s boys. But Shakil and Kush are suspicious of their mum’s new man’s intentions – and they’ve got every right to be. He tries to win them round, but his brand of charm is somewhat lost on the brothers…

Not only is Max in deep with Carmel and Fi, he’s also embroiled in future son-in-law Steven Beale’s brain tumour lie, which escalates next Thursday when Steven insists it’s time to come clean to Lauren. Will Max be able to stop him?

As the long-awaited holiday finally rolls around on Friday, Carmel, Denise, Kush, Kim and Vincent prepare to jet off for some fun in the sun. But Fi soon learns Max has other ideas…  

What is the slippery Branning bloke up to? If he leaves the country with Carmel, who’s to say he’ll even come back? Could Carmel in danger from his and Fi’s secret scheme? Or will he break his girlfriend’s heart at the last minute and reveal all? 

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.

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