EastEnders: Max Branning and Fi Browning are secret lovers!

The plot thickened on Friday's episode of the BBC1 soap


EastEnders schemer Max Branning has been revealed to be romantically linked to Walford businesswoman Fi Browning.


This evening’s cliffhanger saw the pair cosy up on the sofa after it turned out that they were actually living together.

The pair’s relationship had been kept under wraps by show bosses, with Max having been seen pursuing council employee Carmel Kazemi.

Having now slept with Carmel, Max wasted no time in leaving her asleep in the hotel room he’d booked and heading home to be with Fi, who is obviously aware of what her partner is up to.

As fans know, Max is currently embroiled in a revenge plot that has involved him taking control of various Walford businesses as he plots behind the scenes with the mysterious Chairman at Weyland & Co.

For her part, Fi also appears to be in on the scheme, having been brought in to manage affairs at the Queen Vic pub – but could she be secretly plotting its downfall?

Friday’s episode saw her convince landlord Mick Carter to sack his mum Shirley, while a previous storyline also saw her get rid of longstanding employee Tracey.

Viewers will now have to wait and see whether Max and Fi’s conspiracy is going to become more overt – or if Carmel will discover that she’s been duped?

Or might Linda – who is set to return in the weeks ahead – be the one to rumble the pair’s duplicity?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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