EastEnders: Lisa Fowler reveals huge lie

Phil's ex is keeping secrets - and telling porkies...


Lisa Fowler’s EastEnders comeback just got even more interesting as tonight’s episode showed she’s not being completely honest about what she’s been up to since we last saw her…


Following Tuesday’s epic showdown with ex Phil Mitchell where he physically threw her out of the hospital and ordered her to keep away from their daughter Louise while she recovered from her prom accident, Lisa refused to be intimidated by the bullying baldie and was back at the teen’s bedside despite Phil’s threats.   

Phil was not a happy bunny in the face of Lisa’s defiance but as wife Sharon played peacemaker for the sake of their suffering child, there appeared to be a thawing between the warring exes. Though the last time we thought that was on Tuesday where Lisa offered to shake Phil’s hand as a symbol of burying the hatchet – only for the Mitchell meanie to practically break it before dragging her out by the hair…

Assuring Sharon and Phil she was a changed woman and had got herself together since cutting herself out of Louise’s life, Lisa was desperate to convince the couple she was dealing with her demons that led to her unstable mental state in the past – and Phil surprisingly agreed to letting Lisa continue to visit.

However, the bitter old flames’ animosity and true agenda emerged out of earshot from Sharon when menacing Phil warned the woman who once tried to kill him that he was watching her, and there’d be a price to pay if she stepped out of line.

We then cut to Lisa visiting what appeared to be a therapist, who it seems she sees regularly. When asked by the doctor what she’d been up to since their last session, Mrs Fowler said she’d reconnected with her daughter – then lied through her teeth and smiled they’d been hanging out together, shopping and generally having fun.

So why did she neglect to mention the fact Louise is in hospital with third degree burns? Or that she’d had a mental and physically damaging altercation with her ex? Did she forget or is she delusional?

If Lisa’s lying to her therapist, what else is she not being truthful about? The plot thickens…     

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