EastEnders: the father of Bernadette’s baby is REVEALED

And it wasn't who viewers were expecting it to be...


EastEnders has identified the father of Bernadette Taylor’s baby – and it’s not Keanu.


Fans had been thinking that the soap was about to have an incest storyline involving Bernadette and Keanu after matriarch Karen leapt to the conclusion that the siblings had slept together.

But it was revealed this evening that Bernadette is pregnant by schoolfriend Callum, who is in the same year as her. For his part, Callum was left upset after Bernie broke the news, fearing how his father was going to react.

But his tears were nothing compared to the anguish felt by Keanu who – after being asked by Karen whether he was the baby’s dad – was left furious that his mum could ever think that he could do such a thing.

In the end, the Taylors did look to be getting back on even keel, with Karen pleased by the (non-incestual) bond between Keanu and Bernadette, who were seen joking back at home.

Although we wouldn’t be surprised if Callum’s father decided to make a scene at some point in the future. After all, since when did soap pregnancies ever go to plan?


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