EastEnders: Josh asks Lauren out – and spying Steven hears everything!

Steven uses a secret camera to track his girlfriend's every move


Sinister Steven Beale ramps up his spying on girlfriend Lauren Branning next week when he installs a hidden camera in her phone charger so he can track her every move.


Still being hounded by obsessed Abi, who’s desperate to worm her way into his affections and steal him from her big sister following their hook up at her 21st birthday party, Steven is unnerved when Abs figures out he’s been tracking Lauren on her phone.

But a simple mobile tracker isn’t enough for paranoid Steven any more, and as he switches Lauren’s phone charger for a new one she’s completely unaware it’s another of his secret stalking devices as it doubles up as a hidden camera. 

When Abi cottons on to the barmy Beale’s latest way of keeping tabs on Lauren, she questions why he’s even bothering with a relationship that’s quite clearly doomed – and tells Steven she could have him any time.

Unfortunately for Abs, this comes across as more desperate than seductive and Steven continues with his spying while insisting Lauren is still the girl for him (stalking is a rather strange way of showing it, though…). 

Next Thursday, Lauren and Josh are chatting at work in their big office up, up high in the sky (anyone else ever wondered why there are no other buildings visible from the windows, just permanently blue sky and clouds? How many floors are there exactly?) when Josh asks Ms Branning out for a drink. 

Unaware she’s being watched, how will Lauren react? Does she still have a soft spot for the hunky Hemmings despite him hiding the fact he had a fiancee and the embarrassing shenanigans at Abi’s party? And will overhearing this make Steven flip out once again and do something reckless? 

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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