EastEnders: desperate Louise calls Phil as she clashes with Alexandra again

Will Mr Mitchell return to take on Walford High's mean girls?


EastEnders’ Louise Mitchell is still reeling from her humiliation over Keegan Baker’s accusation they slept together when she was drunk, and after another run-in with bullies Alex D’Costa and Madison Drake next week she decides to wants to move schools. Feeling like her family isn’t taking her seriously, she makes a sneaky call to daddy Phil…


Having been the subject of playground gossip in recent weeks, life’s not getting any easier for Louise who reveals next Tuesday she has withdrawn from the starring role in the upcoming school showcase after the scandal with the Baker boy.

Bitchy brunette Alex takes advantage of Lou’s misfortune when she swoops in planning to take her place in the play, taking full advantage of the situation and even getting a little bit of flirting in with Louise’s ex, school heart-throb Travis Law-Hughes.

Discovering her frenemy has jumped in her grave, Louise is miffed at Alex’s antics but of course she can’t stand up to the bully for fear of reprisals from her and spiteful sidekick Mads (remember what they did to Bex Fowler…).

Fed up and feeling as if she’ll never be able to move on while she’s still at Walford High, Louise starts to think moving schools is her only option of a happy future.

But on Friday, stepmum Sharon is livid when she finds out the teen has gone behind her back and secretly contacted her father Phil abroad to discuss it with him first.

When Phil hears what’s been going on with his daughter, will it make him want to return to Walford to sort it all out? If anyone can give the likes of naughty Keegan, Alex and Mads a scare it’s the menacing Mr Mitchell… 

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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