EastEnders: have we worked out what Max and the Chairman have planned for Albert Square?

Could the answer lie in show boss Sean O'Connor's time on The Archers?


Tonight’s EastEnders offered up some fresh clues as to what Max (Jake Wood) is up to thanks to a meeting between him and the mysterious Chairman (Simon Williams).


Fans saw the enigmatic Weyland boss making reference to the closure of the launderette last Christmas and the impending demolition of the nearby Walford Towers before encouraging Max to accelerate his plan for the Queen Vic.

With Max having previously pointed out that he doesn’t care if the whole Square gets razed to the ground, EastEnders viewers will no doubt be wondering why the Chairman wants to obliterate all the local properties and businesses. Just what does he want to build in their place? New houses and flats? Or something else entirely?

Well, we think the answer could lie on Radio 4 soap The Archers, which also featured Simon Williams playing a businessman whose plans were set to have a major impact on the local community.

During EastEnders boss Sean O’Connor’s time as the editor on The Archers, he had Justin Elliott (Williams) involved in a scheme to construct a relief road in Ambridge that would have cut Brookfield Farm in two. But with locals fiercely opposed to the idea, the plan was eventually scrapped by the county council.

Now we’re not suggesting anything so ludicrous as the Chairman eventually being unmasked as The Archers’s Justin Elliott. But it is noteworthy that executive producer Sean O’Connor did mastermind both plotlines.

Could it be that the Chairman wants to build a new road – or perhaps even a rail route – that will end up changing the face of Albert Square forever?

After all, the current EastEnders exterior set is scheduled for demolition (with a new Albert Square to built in its place), so what’s the betting the show gets some storyline mileage out of the sight of some landmarks being smashed to bits on screen?

The BBC1 soap has also long been talking about a blockbuster plot that brings together all the show’s regular characters, so perhaps they end up uniting against the plans and making a stand to oppose Weyland, Max and the Chairman?

Loyalties would no doubt be tested (for instance, would Lauren stand with her dad or her neighbours?) and there’d obviously have to be a cliffhanger where a familiar face ends up getting trapped in falling rubble.

And perhaps, at the end of it all, the familiar lay out of Walford will look very different. New EastEnders set, a new look to Albert Square? We wouldn’t put it past them…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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