EastEnders: pregnancy shock for Lauren!

Little does she know that Steven has been knifing holes in his condoms for weeks


Lauren Branning’s baffled face says it all – she’s pregnant, but how can this be when she and boyfriend Steven are using protection? Yes, tonight’s EastEnders cliffhanger saw Lauren take a pregnancy test after a few days feeling queasy, little expecting the result to be positive.


But what she doesn’t know is that Steven has actually been knifing holes in his condoms for a few weeks now, in the hope that this would be the outcome. Not only that, but he’s also been tracking her movements using an app on his phone, quite obviously fearful about Lauren’s growing closeness to good-looking City boy boss Josh.

Scenes just broadcast saw Steven resort to petty one-upmanship when Josh turned up at the house, having brought Lauren home from work early sick. Instead of looking out for Lauren’s welfare, Steven instead to chose to needle Josh with digs about his own abilities as a chef, while also questioning the merits of office work.

In a bid to escape the rising tension, Lauren sought sanctuary in the bathroom, where she took the opportunity to take the pregnancy test, only for her worries to suddenly increase tenfold. So what will Lauren do now? Break it to Steven that they’re to be parents? Or choose another course of action? After all, Lauren has previously made no secret of wanting to prioritise her career, so we seriously doubt that this latest development will be welcome news…

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