EastEnders: Whitney is caught shoplifting – and gets passionate with Woody!

An eventful day for Whit sees her go on the rob and bed Woody


Whitney has ended up in bed with Woody in tonight’s EastEnders after the Vic’s new bar manager came to her rescue during an eventful shopping trip.


As fans of the soap know, Whit has been left at her wits’ end after learning that estranged husband Lee wants a divorce. In this evening’s episode, she tried to distract herself with a bit of retail therapy, only to get herself into a lot of trouble with security.

As it turns out, Whitney actually had no intention of paying for the goods she had her eye on and was seen swiping a scarf from one shop before readying herself to steal some jewellery from another.

What she didn’t know, though, was that she’d been caught shoplifting on CCTV and was soon being confronted by a security guard.

Luckily for Whitney, Woody had followed her to the shopping centre after realising that she’d forgotten her purse. And as the security guard tried to take advantage of Whitney on a secluded stairwell, Woody jumped in and decked the guy before he and Whit made their escape.

Back on the Square, Whitney then showed her thanks by kissing Woody, only for one thing to lead to another, with the pair ending up in Mick and Linda’s bed.

Cliffhanger scenes then saw Queen Vic landlord Mick unexpectedly turn up and catch them in the act (more on that here), bringing to an end a tumultuous day for Whit.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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