EastEnders: Charlie Cotton reveals his plan to take Matthew

Will he succeed in removing his son from Jack's care?


EastEnders’s Charlie Cotton (Declan Bennett) has revealed that intends to get custody of his biological son Matthew and take hm back to Ireland.


Recent returnee Charlie was seen informing Dot (June Brown) that he’d spoken to a solicitor, who’d told him that he had a good case.

As Dot protested, Charlie told his grandma that Matthew needed a hands-on father that was there around the clock, stating that Jack was struggling in the wake of wife Ronnie’s demise at new year.

Assuring Dot that Matthew was going to come first, Dot retorted that she believed Charlie was only putting himself first.

With Dot being the wisest resident of the Square, we certainly wouldn’t put it past Charlie to have an ulterior motive, particularly given that Max had a mysterious “proposition” for him in last night’s episode.

So what is Charlie up to? Does he really want Matthew? And if he does, to what lengths will he go to get him?

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