EastEnders: Sharon humiliated as Sonia goes on the rampage

Shazza got a soaking at the Albert Square Easter fayre. Oops...


Sharon Mitchell just had a very embarrassing moment in EastEnders when she was pushed into a paddling pool full of water and got soaked in front of the whole Square. Awks! 


Incensed Sonia had just discovered Louise Mitchell was behind the bullying of her daughter Bex, so the angry mum headed out into the Square to have it out with her. 

Spying Lou and stepmum Sharon enjoying the festivities at the Easter fayre (no expense spared on balloons, by the way), Son started shouting the odds and a shouty showdown ensued.

Sharon really touched a nerve when she accused the absent mother of abandoning her daughter by moving away, at which point Sonia saw red and pushed Sharon into the hook-a-duck paddling pool!

The crowd had to stifle their mirth at the Mitchell matriarch’s humiliation (let’s hope that swanky trouser suit isn’t dry clean only, eh?), but the confrontation certainly livened up the Easter fayre which, thanks to yet more talk of bin collections and community issues, had threatened to become a bit of a damp squib – though not as damp as Sharon as she scurried off home.

Now the truth about Louise’s part in Bex’s bullying ordeal is out, who knows what Sonia will do to Lou. Just don’t stand near any paddling pools…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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