New look at Kat and Alfie Moon in EastEnders spin-off Redwater

Jessie Wallace and Shane Richie's six-part spin-off looks seriously foreboding


Kat and Alfie Moone have long been absent from our TV screens but their new EastEnders spin-off, Redwater, is coming – and it’s looking rather dramatic.


A new sneak peek at the series – shared by former ‘Enders boss turned Redwater producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins – hints at high drama, mystery and, er, a horse. 

Redwater sees Kat and Alfie head to Ireland on the hunt for Kat’s long lost son. What starts as a simple search for a missing family member soon becomes something far more complicated. Walford’s finest find themselves in the middle of a seaside mystery, which Richie has previously likened to Broadchurch.

*cue loud and foreboding synth music*

The upcoming six part drama features a whole host of Irish stars, including Fionnula Flanagan, who’s front and centre in the new sneak peek.


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