EastEnders: find out which role Lee Ryan also auditioned to play

The Blue singer could have been which other character on the BBC1 soap?


New EastEnders star Lee Ryan has revealed that he’s previously been in contention for two other roles on the show.


The Blue singer – who makes his Walford debut next week as bar manager Woody – admitted that he’d been on the radar of casting director Julia Crampsie for quite some time.

Explaining that he’d been offered a part at the same time as he’d joined Blue, Ryan said to Inside Soap: “I think it was around the time Jack Ryder [Jamie Mitchell] was in the show. I was about 16 at the time.”

Fast forward a number of years and Ryan was again screen testing, this time for another part. Added the star:

“I’ve been auditioning for EastEnders for years. I went up for the recast of Martin Fowler a couple of years ago and read with Lacey Turner.

“The part wasn’t right for me, but then Julia rang me again recently to invite me to meet the show’s executive producer, Sean O’Connor.

“When I got there, they asked me to read a 10-minute monologue for the role of Woody.”

Fans of the BBC1 soap can see Ryan on the show from next Tuesday, when his character Woody is sent by Linda to manage the Queen Vic. Teasing what lies ahead, he commented:

“He has quite a sad past, which we’ll find out about later on…Woody is also a bit of a flirt, and yes, there may be someone he has his eye on.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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