EastEnders: Shirley is STILL in prison as her release is cancelled

She's kept behind bars for beating up her cellmate


EastEnders’ Shirley Carter is still in prison, with her release cancelled at the last minute following the assault on her cellmate.


In tonight’s episode, Tina expected to welcome her surly sister back home following her stint behind bars for taking the blame for Aunt Babe’s licence breach.

Whitney and Johnny had made a banner, Kathy was laying on a spread, Konrad was a on a promise with a bottle of vodka – it was set to be quite the party. But as time ticked on, Shirley was a no-show and her nearest and dearest started to wonder where she’d got to.

In the nick, a prison guard summoned Shirley from her cell to what we assumed was a little farewell chat with the governor. But things were not quite as they seemed…

As Kathy’s egg and cress sandwiches started to curl, Tina took a phone call and who was on the other end but Shirley – but it wasn’t good news.

Deflated Teen revealed to Johnny that Shirley’s release had been cancelled after her assault on her gobby cellmate Debbie earlier in the week – for the time being, Shirl would remain residing at Her Majesty’s pleasure.

It was yet another trauma for Tina who’s still reeling from mum Sylvie’s death and being evicted, and she sobbed to nephew Johnny as she regretted her recent anger towards Shirley and just wanted her sister by her side.

How long will Shirley’s sentence be extended for? Will she make it out for her mum’s funeral? And with the Carters dropping like flies, should the rest of the family be worried?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of this week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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