EastEnders: Sharon sends Preston packing – Michelle’s toy boy leaves town

The week's drama in Walford ended with Preston's exit


A dramatic week on EastEnders has ended with Preston being given his marching orders by a newly returned Sharon.


Michelle’s toy boy was told that he was “a cancer” rather than a lover and that he’d end up killing her if he stayed in Walford. Sharon also lied and said that Michelle didn’t care for Preston and that she’d never considered what they had to be love.

Under the impression that he was wasting his time, Preston then packed his bags, despite Michelle still being in hospital after driving her car through the window of Beale’s Plaice.

As Preston made his exit, Bex told him to cut up his passport once he’d returned to the US. For his part, Preston advised Bex to give her ex-boyfriend Shakil another chance.

In other news, the fallout from the chip shop smash saw Denise reveal to Carmel that she and Kush were now seeing each other, while Tina wrestled with her feelings of guilt following the shock death of her mother Sylvie.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.

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