EastEnders: trouble mounts for Mick next week

Carters in crisis! Again!


Following the dramatic departure of Aunt Babe and all the Lee aggro, don’t expect things to settle down for EastEnders’ cursed Carter clan. Next week, landlord Mick is far from his usual chirpy self (there’s a distinct lack of bants and cockney bonhomie) when he realises the problems at The Vic are a lot worse than he thought.


As if being briefly jailed, snogging his daughter-in-law and finally seeing off bonkers Babe wasn’t enough, the saga of the leaky pub ceiling escalates on Monday. The pressure is getting to a worried Mick and he starts to feel like his whole world’s caving in (not just the ceiling).

By Friday there’s a glimmer of hope as the landlord thinks he’s found someone to fix it, but with the repairs and the cost of mother-in-law Elaine’s treatment mounting up to one serious debt crisis, Mick is in need of a lifeline. So it’s lucky when mate Jack Branning offers him just that – but is it the answer to all of Mick’s problems?


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