EastEnders: More on Denise’s showdown with teen tearaway Keegan

And there’s news about the baby she gave up, too


Denise Fox is at the centre of the action in next week’s EastEnders when she makes a discovery about the baby she gave up for adoption and, as previously revealed, has an explosive confrontation with teen tearaway Keegan – with devastating consequences.


In Monday’s episode Denise gets a visit from social services with an update on the adoption process. Hearing about the baby’s progress is harder than Denise thought it would be, despite her insistence that putting the child she had with Phil Mitchell up for adoption was the right thing to do.

Her sister (if we can still call them that after last week’s revelation) Kim has made no secret of her disapproval at Denise’s decision and can’t resist digging for more info on the nephew she’ll never know.

After yet another disagreement between Dee and Kim over the baby business, Denise cools down and later opens up about her true feelings on the matter. Has being confronted with the reality of giving her son away changed her mind on the matter?

Following the heart-to-heart, an emotional Denise then has a run-in with mouthy Keegan, Walford’s walking ASBO teen. Keegan is being his usual charming self, and feisty Ms Fox has a go at home for being disrespectful (speaking for the entire viewing public).

But the situation spirals out of control, and Denise is soon regretting her actions. For the rest of the week, our Dee is in very hot water – it’s about time someone gave gobby Keegan what for, but will it be worth it? And after the trauma of the adoption and discovering her mum isn’t really her mum at all, how much more can Denise take? 


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