EastEnders: Lee slaps Whitney – here’s what happens next

An argument got violent in scenes just broadcast on the BBC1 soap


Lee Carter slapped wife Whitney across the face in shock scenes just broadcast during tonight’s EastEnders.


The blow came during an argument that found Lee accusing Whitney of flirting with his friend Beanbag during a night out.

As Whitney countered by revealing that Mick had said that Lee didn’t deserve her loyalty, Lee lashed out and struck her.

Lee and Whitney’s marriage has been depicted as being under strain for some time thanks to his escalating mental health problems and a loathing of his job in a cutthroat call centre environment.

Recent episodes of the BBC1 soap found Whitney pawning her wedding ring as she tried to scrape together enough money for a night out. Lee was also seen objecting to Whitney’s attempts to secure him a new job in Dover with Beanbag.

Next, in an episode set to air on Valentine’s Day, Lee and Whitney be seen trying to put these tensions behind them when they go out for a romantic meal.

But will they be able to patch things up or is there set to be a further falling out?

Actor Danny-Boy Hatchard, who is set to exit EastEnders in the weeks ahead, has already revealed that his final appearance will make for emotional viewing:

“I’ve already struggled with watching some of Lee’s recent episodes, to be honest. I know I’ll get a bit upset when the last one comes round, so I probably won’t be able to watch it straight away. I’ll definitely record it.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.

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