EastEnders: Denise and Kim AREN’T sisters! Parentage bombshell was dropped in tonight’s episode

Emerald Fox made a big confession in scenes just broadcast on BBC1


Denise and Kim’s relationship has been thrown into chaos on tonight’s EastEnders thanks to the revelation that they aren’t actually biological half sisters.


A drunken Emerald Fox blurted out the truth just as she was about to leave the Square, admitting that Denise had been brought home as a baby by her uncle. As Denise reeled, Emerald then confessed that she didn’t know who Denise’s mother and father were!

Prior to this bombshell, viewers had been led to believe that Denise’s father had walked out on the family when she was a child. But how tonight’s confession will impact on the Fox family tree remains to be seen.

Denise’s current EastEnders storyline has seen her give her baby up for adoption before going on to chastise Kim for continually seeing her as a mother figure after the pair were abandoned as children by Emerald.

So will Denise now try to track down her own birth parents? Will the news lead to her changing her mind about those adoption plans? And will the oft-referred-to but rarely seen Daphne Fox arrive to shed any light on Emerald’s words?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of all this week’s drama on EastEnders below.

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