EastEnders: Phil discovers that he’s the father of Denise’s baby

But how will he react to the shock news?


EastEnders fans should brace themselves for big drama in tonight’s episode as Sharon tells Phil that he is the father of Denise’s baby.


Viewers are already aware that Sharon intends to drop the bombshell on her husband after she discovered that Denise is putting the newborn up for adoption.

And Sharon won’t be hanging about – this evening’s visit to Albert Square will see her reveal all about the paternity issue during Phil’s birthday celebrations.

Those wondering how Phil reacts will be unsurprised to see that he heads to the hospital to have a showdown with Denise.

After all, the baby news is big news for him, what with him having no recollection of ever sleeping with Denise in the first place.

But what reception will Phil get? And will he want to change Denise’s plans?

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