EastEnders: Lee’s Christmas trauma will be “hard-hitting,” says Danny-Boy Hatchard

"I've had people writing to me saying that the storyline has been unbearable"


EastEnders stars Danny-Boy Hatchard and Shona McGarty have been talking to RadioTimes about their emotional Christmas storyline.


Upcoming episodes of the BBC1 soap will see Lee Carter’s depression worsen to the point where he reaches breaking point. But will Whitney realise what’s going on?

“His depression is going to escalate,” reveals Hatchard in the Christmas issue of RT, “and it’s a hard-hitting thing for people to watch. I’ve had people writing to me saying that the storyline has been unbearable. But that means we’re doing our job properly.”

In the run-up to Christmas Day, Lee will be seen fretting about the expense of providing Christmas dinner for his family at the flat where he and Whitney are currently living.

As Whitney gets increasingly concerned about why her husband is so miserable, Lee faces a further setback when he tries to get another loan.

Scenes to be shown on Friday 23 December see him then head to the top of the Vic, which is where dad Mick will eventually find him.

But with a depressed Lee feeling trapped by his lies, it remains to be seen whether Mick’s words will result in the truth being revealed. Can Lee bring himself to confess? Or is the deceit too much for him to handle?

Speaking about Lee’s plight, actress Shona McGarty says: “Over Christmas, it will come to a head. I feel very sorry for Lee. He’s trapped by this belief that men shouldn’t show their emotions too much, so Whitney is oblivious. She doesn’t know what’s going on in his mind.” 

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