EastEnders: Lee is quizzed by the police – will he be caught for raiding the Vic?

Officers visit the pub tonight - will Lee find himself in further trouble?


The net looks set to close in on a beleaguered Lee Carter in tonight’s episode of EastEnders as the police come calling.


It was revealed yesterday that it was Lee who orchestrated the recent robbery at the Queen Vic that saw the Carters terrorised by a trio of masked intruders.

Monday’s visit to Albert Square saw Lee confront his work colleagues, who were then shown to be his partners in crime. However, a further twist came when bully Oz denied Lee his share of the takings.

Now, Lee is to be left increasingly scared that his part in the theft will be exposed after investigating officers turn up at the pub.

With fingerprints being taken, will the link to Lee’s job in the call centre be made? And how would the Carters react should they discover Lee’s betrayal?


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