EastEnders: Lee DID organise the robbery at the Queen Vic

And workplace bully Oz was the leader of the masked gang


EastEnders has just confirmed the worst fears of its fans: Lee Carter did orchestrate the robbery at the Queen Vic.


Last Friday’s episode of the BBC1 soap saw a trio of thugs storm the pub and make off with a bag of cash, terrorising the Carters and threatening to throw young Ollie down the stairs.

This evening’s visit to Albert Square featured the revelation that Lee’s workmates had been the masked intruders, with the bullying Oz being the one to have led the attack.

But a further twist came when Oz then denied Lee his cut of the money after deciding that he’d failed to keep his side of the bargain.

As it turns out, Lee was meant to have got Whitney away from the Vic in case she recognised Oz. But, as viewers saw, Mick managed to convince both Lee and Whitney to stick around for a drink after closing, all of which meant that the pair were on the scene when the thieves struck.

With Lee having come away with nothing, his feelings have guilt are escalating, especially seeing as mum Linda and dad Mick are now determined to see the perpetrators caught. 

Will Lee crack under the pressure and reveal his part in the crime? Find out when EastEnders returns tomorrow at 7.30pm.


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