EastEnders: Phil Mitchell to die from liver cirrhosis?

Phil decides he's not going on the transplant list in next week's episodes of the BBC1 soap


Phil Mitchell’s life is hanging in the balance at the moment in EastEnders and it’s a race against time to get the liver transplant he needs to survive. However, the Mitchell family will be left devastated in upcoming episodes when Phil announces that he doesn’t want to go forward with the operation.


Next week begins with good news when the family finds out that Phil can now be considered for the liver transplant list as he’s been sober for six months. However, their joy is short lived when the doctor tells them that his condition hasn’t improved and he may not receive a liver in time.

Later, at home, Ronnie realises that Phil is going through turmoil. He admits to her that he doesn’t think he deserves a new liver. The news is crushing. She begs him not to give up on himself, while Sharon tries to comfort Phil’s inconsolable daughter Louise.

In a bid to make him reconsider, Louise arranges a surprise for Phil. However, he doesn’t take it well and in emotional scenes he tells his family that he won’t be taking the tests for the transplant list. He is instead choosing to die.

Ben and Louise are heartbroken and ignore their dad after his decision but Sharon does her best to reason with him.

In a heart to heart with Billy, Phil tells him that he doesn’t think he’s deserving of a new liver or another chance at life. Billy argues that Phil is wrong, but can he persuade him to see things from a different perspective?

Sharon pleads with him to change his mind one final time, while Dennis confides in Phil about something traumatic he has been going through.

With so many people trying to convince him that his life is worthwhile, can Phil be persuaded to fight on or is he resolute about his decision to refuse a liver transplant? Will his nearest and dearest have to watch on, helpless, knowing that he intends to die?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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