EastEnders: Dot reveals that she’s going blind

Supportive friend Patrick got her to admit the truth in scenes just broadcast on BBC1


Dot has been hiding away and isolating herself from everybody of late, but in tonight’s episode of EastEnders Patrick finally got to the bottom of what’s been going on. Dot admitted that she thinks she is going blind.


At the beginning of this evening’s visit to the Square, Patrick saw a gang of trick or treaters knocking on Dot’s door. She was inside but she didn’t answer the door, and drew the curtains when they started banging on the window.

Patrick knocked on the door, shouting “Dorothy? Are you in?” and she eventually let him inside after he spied her through the letterbox.

He invited her to the Halloween party at the Vic later and she told him she would see him there.

Patrick later became worried when she didn’t turn up, and told Claudette: “She shouldn’t be in that house on her own, especially on a night like tonight.”

He went back to her house and Dot was forced to open the door when he threatened to knock it down. She told him that the reason she didn’t meet him at the pub is because she doesn’t like Halloween.

Explaining that they should be celebrating All Soul’s day instead, she went to read a passage from the Bible but stuttered and stammered over the words.

Patrick realised that she was unable to read. “Sometimes I’m talking to you and it’s as if you don’t even see me”, he said. Comprehending the extent of Dot’s problems with her eyesight, he finally got her to admit that she thinks she’s going blind.

She immediately regretted her admission and, distressed, forced Patrick to leave. The viewer then briefly saw the world through Dot’s eyes, with blurred edges around a cloudy area in the centre of her vision.

Last year, actress June Brown – who has played Dot since 1985 – revealed that her own eyesight was failing. The 89-year-old star told Radio 4: “I see things in my eyes now. My eyes are not very good. In the left occasionally I do get this small circle with what looks like cross-wires.I do pray about my sight – maybe it will return.”

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