EastEnders: Whitney and Lee’s wedding day drama revealed!

Actor Danny-Boy Hatchard on whether they’ll go through with it or not...


Whitney Dean and Lee Carter have been anticipating their wedding for months and they’re finally set to tie the knot next Friday on EastEnders. The dress is ready and the champagne’s on ice, but there’s just the small matter of whether or not the pair, who have been through more than their fair share of drama, will actually make it down the aisle!


It’s a small miracle that their relationship has withstood everything that’s been thrown at it so far, from chlamydia to cheating, and we all know that an EastEnders wedding is unlikely to go without a hitch. Actor Danny-Boy Hatchard, who plays Lee, is ambiguous about whether the wedding will go ahead after brother Johnny discovers his secret. “I would hope Lee will go through with the wedding. It all depends on what other obstacles occur in the meantime…”, says Hatchard. Ominous.

Johnny will find out about Lee’s secret the day before the wedding and beg him to tell Whitney the truth. Lee, however, puts on a brave face and tells Whitney the wedding is going to be perfect before sending her off to Stacey’s the night before the big day. When Johnny hears about this he forces Lee to go and tell Whitney everything, but will he go through with it?

On the morning of the wedding Whitney is delighted when her half-brother Ryan surprises her in the Square to take her to the church.

Meanwhile, Lee is struggling to believe in himself. Will the couple make it to ‘I do’ and live happily ever after? Here, Danny-Boy Hatchard explains how his character is feeling and what lies in store for the couple.

Can you talk us through how Lee is feeling in the run-up to the wedding?

He’s a bit lost at the minute. I think he’s scared and really feeling the pressure. Essentially, he probably thinks this is all a bit premature, but he’s felt the pressure to prove himself to Whitney. He wants to show he’s committed. But at the same time his head is currently in complete knots. He’s making a lot of massive decisions without really taking the consequences into consideration.

Coming up to the wedding, he’s finding a lot of positive moments in seeing Whitney happy, and I think that’s what makes him happy. But at the same time I think he can be his own worst enemy.

 What’s his relationship like with Whitney now? Have they managed to put the past behind them?

I think how they are now proves how strong their relationship is, and how much they love and care for each other. What happened with Abi was awful but it made their relationship stronger. 

How did losing the baby affect Lee?

It massively affected him. He went through a phase of not being sure if he was capable of being a dad but then he realised it could be a really good thing. He got really excited. All of that was taken away from him and it’s heart-breaking. It’s not something he can just move on from.

Johnny learns about Lee’s secret, can you talk us through this?

Lee thinks he’s hiding it well but Johnny cottons on quite quickly. Johnny starts asking a lot of questions and prying which Lee finds very intrusive so the defensive barriers go up. He’s very quick to shut Johnny down because he doesn’t want to feel emasculated or that he needs help. He wants to deal with this himself. Johnny getting too involved is making Lee think too much about it and that’s not how Lee works. Lee wants to make a decision and worry about the consequences later.

What would happen if Whitney found out the truth?

I think it depends on how and when; if he tells her or if she finds out through someone else. If she was to find out and he was honest, I think Whitney would understand and help him deal with the situation. If she found out via a third party I think she would feel angry and let-down.

What advice would you give to Lee?

If I was to give Lee any advice it would be to talk to people before you make any drastic decisions. It’s important to talk to those around you because you might not necessarily be thinking straight.

Lee’s struggling in the run-up to the wedding. Did he think the wedding would always go ahead?

There were times when he didn’t think it would work out. I think he tends to get himself into things without looking at the future. He just makes a decision because it feels right in the moment.  

Can you describe the wedding day in three words?

Edgy. Emotional. Heartfelt.

Do you want Lee and Whitney to have a happy ending?

Yes, of course. More so for Whitney. She’s had such a difficult time in the Square. It would be nice for her.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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