EastEnders: Steven comes clean to Jane about money woes

And she agrees to keep it a secret from Ian for now...


Jane’s suspicions about the dodgy finances at Beale’s restaurant have been growing in recent times but tonight in EastEnders she finally learned the truth behind the disappearing cash.


The episode began with Jane confiding in Sharon that she rang the bank and discovered that she was no longer a signatory on the account. Ian didn’t attempt to stop her from calling so that leaves Steven as the probable culprit. “I swear I’ve never trusted that boy” says Jane.

Later, while doing some detective work on the laptop, Jane is shocked to discover that Steven Beale is listed as the director of Rarer Wines. When Lauren goes out and they’re left alone together in the house Jane starts asking probing questions. Putting on a polite façade, Steven is desperate to avoid a grilling but gives up when Jane mentions Rarer Wines and he realises the jig is up.

He admits that he has been borrowing money from Beale’s to pay off debt he owes in New Zealand. “It’s a short term loan”, he insists, but Jane is having none of it. Eventually the extent of the problem is revealed when Steven tells Jane that Peter spiralled out of control in New Zealand. Steven paid off Peter’s debts, getting credit cards and loans, but they kept accumulating. “I wanted to be the good son for once”, he says.

Steven also admits that Lauren is unaware of how dire Peter’s situation is. Jane tells him that she wants to tell Ian about Peter and that he will therefore have to tell Lauren, but she agrees to keep the stolen money a secret for now. Steven later lets the opportune moment to tell Lauren about Peter slip by without mentioning it.

Will Steven keep his promise to Jane and tell Lauren what he knows about Peter? And how will Ian react when he finds out about his son’s downwards spiral?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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