Pam and Les Coker leave EastEnders – “The tears were real,” says Lin Blakley

"I thought our closing scene was beautiful," adds the actress


EastEnders has aired Pam and Les Coker’s exit from the Square, with the pair seen driving away to start their new life in Worthing.


Emotional scenes saw a retiring Les hand over the funeral parlour to protege Billy, while Pam sought assurance from the recently returned Jay that he would look after Ben.

“I thought our closing scene was beautiful,” actress Lin Blakley told “Leaving the market in our own car was a great way to go. And I have to say, the tears were real. I’m pleased with the way our time on EastEnders finished.”

Blakley also expressed her joy at getting to work more closely with Harry Reid (Ben) and Jamie Borthwick (Jay) during her final weeks on the BBC1 soap:

“The two of them are both so good. Often, a lot of young actors you meet are quite shallow because they’ve still got to go through life and pick things up. But Harry and Jamie both have real depth and I’m glad that there’s good writing for the two of them.”

Tonight’s episode also saw Pam recognise the importance of Les’s alter-ego Christine to his life. In the past, fans had witnessed Les’s cross-dressing push the Cokers’ marriage to the brink of collapse, but Blakley commented that Pam now accepts this side to her husband’s personality:

“Christine will now be a part of both their lives,” said the actress. “And I think Christine will help Pam deal with whatever the future holds. It was important to me that Pam accepted Christine. I want to see the three of them go on holiday together.”

As for whether the Cokers could one day make a reappearance, Blakley had this to say: “It wasn’t my choice to go. But when any new boss comes into a company, they want to change a few things. And I respect that.

“I’m very sad – I’d be telling you a lie if I was to say, ‘oh whatever will be will be’. I am sad to leave. But I’m also a great believer in fate and maybe it was the right time. But who knows? There might be a right time to return.”

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