EastEnders: Belinda’s new crisis revealed – “She’s going to struggle,” says Carli Norris

Who can help Belinda out of her financial mess?


Belinda will be left reeling in next week’s EastEnders after Stacey discovers that the salon is in serious debt. And as the pair go through the Elysium finances, Stacey also comes across a letter about Belinda’s divorce decree, all of which leaves them worried about how the money problems are going to be solved.


Scenes to be broadcast on Tuesday 18 October will see Belinda then get a pep talk from Carmel. And it looks like her words of encouragement are hitting home – because in no time at all, Belinda is out trying to convince the Carters that they should invest in her business. But will her sales patter have the desired effect? Here’s actress Carli Norris with the latest:

So, how has she got herself into the mess at Elysium?
She’s not very good with figures. She’s tried her best but she’s always worked for someone else before, so this is very different. Coming from a marriage that was full of money and luxurious things she still wanted to be surrounded by that. So she’s invested everything from the divorce with Neville thinking that she can just have the most luxurious salon possible. It’s not quite gone to plan.

Why has she been hiding it from Stacey?
Well, obviously she has a lot of pride. She knows that Stacey has had a lot of money worries lately, so doesn’t want to add to that. Belinda thinks business is going to pick up. She doesn’t want Stacey to chuck her out and I think she believes she can get out of it.

So how bad is it for Belinda? Does she realise?
Yes she realises. Although she’s not looked at all of the letters or final demands. She’s hoping she’ll come up with new ideas and get more business opportunities. But she doesn’t know how it’s going to work out.

How is she feeling when she gets the divorce decree?
Quite sad – it’s the end of an era for her. She’s always had a man on her arm and the security of that to fall back on. But now she’s completely on her own. She’s an optimist, so hopefully now it’s all final, she can look for someone else. She’s not tied to Neville anymore who always seemed to have something over her. She’s had a long marriage and, at times, she was very happy. So it’s very bittersweet. But she is an optimist so will look on the bright side.

Can you talk us through her and Carmel’s conversation?
Belinda’s looking at a woman who’s been through this herself; she’s been through a divorce and is a glamorous woman with a lot of pride. Belinda is lonely and needs friends around her, friends who can give her the right advice. Carmel stops her feeling sorry for herself and inspires her. The advice Carmel gives her wakes her up and she thinks, ‘right, I can do this’.

She turns to the Carters for help – why does she choose them?
They have their own business and she knows that they have assets. They were the ones who rescued her right at the beginning. They have a good business head. She genuinely believes they’ll help her. She thinks that if she just bats her eyelashes and comes up with an idea, everyone will just jump to it. She’s got every confidence. She has every intention of investing the Carters’ money.

And what’s next for Belinda?
I think she’s going to struggle. This is the tip of the iceberg for her. But she’s an optimist. There’s always something new around the corner and every time she gets knocked back she climbs back out higher. Watch this space and we’ll see where she gets to next.

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