EastEnders: Paul’s killers plead GUILTY in surprise twist

Simon Atmore admitted to both murder and kidnapping in tonight's episode of the BBC1 soap


Paul Coker’s killers have pleaded guilty to both murder and kidnapping in tonight’s episode of EastEnders.


Scenes just broadcast on the BBC1 soap saw gang leader Simon Atmore (Tom Palmer) admit in court that he’d killed Paul and later abducted both Ben Mitchell and Jay Brown.

Viewers – and a grieving Pam – had been led to believe that Simon’s mum Diane (Hazel Atmore) would be advising her son to plead not guilty. But a last-minute change of heart saw Diane do the right thing and convince Simon that he should own up to his crime.

The Cokers and Ben had been accompanied to the hearing by their friends and neighbours from Albert Square who wore T-shirts emblazoned with ‘End Hate Crime’ in order to show their support.

Later, in the Queen Vic, Ben showed his thanks by making a speech to the pub regulars and raising a glass to his late partner: “Sometimes, something really bad happens and it’s hard to see the good in the world.

“Then people come together and…well, you know what I mean. I think that’s the kind of world Paul believed in. We should all try to be like that. So cheers.”

EastEnders fans will now have to wait until next week’s episodes to witness what sentences Simon’s gang receive and to see the manner of Pam and Les Coker’s exit from the soap.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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