EastEnders: Denise taken ill – but what is really wrong with her?

Denise is taken ill while rehearsing for her Salsa show – but could there be something else behind the mystery illness?


The on-off clandestine affair between Kush Kazemi and Minute Mart worker Denise Fox has been hotting up (and then cooling down) recently on EastEnders, but next week will see Denise falling ill with some mysterious symptoms.


While rehearsing for the Salsa show with Carmel, Patrick and Kim, Denise faints.

Carmel escorts her home and urges her to see a doctor. As the two of them research her symptoms, Denise begins to think the worst.

Later in the week Carmel will nag Denise to book a doctor’s appointment but she is reluctant to go. Instead, she continues to help half-sister Kim with preparations for the show.

Denise was worried about jeopardising her friendship with Carmel, her best mate and Kush’s mum, if she continued the fling with Kush. In upcoming episodes things are set to get awkward between the age-gap lovebirds during an uncomfortable encounter.

What could be at the root of Denise’s mystery illness?  And what does the future hold for Kush and Denise’s relationship?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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