EastEnders: Not guilty – Dean Wicks declared innocent of sexual assault

His trial came to an end and the women affected came together


Dean Wicks was found not guilty in tonight’s highly anticipated episode of EastEnders.


In emotive scenes, the judge’s summing up speech was played over images of the women whose lives and families have been torn apart by Dean.

Shirley, Dean’s mum, turns to vodka, while Linda is preoccupied all day and Roxy can’t take the intrusion from members of the public reading about the trial.

Roxy, Ronnie, Linda and Shirley end up in the kitchen at The Vic waiting to hear what the verdict will be. In a heart-to-heart between the four women, Linda says, “We all know it could go either way”.

Continuing, she expresses guilt that Roxy had to endure Dean’s attack, saying, “If I’d gone to the police straight away… If he’d have been locked up…” Ronnie replies, “You came forward and that’s what’s important.”

Shirley is wracked with guilt and feels she has been a bad mother, saying, “Why do you think he hates women so much?” Ronnie, who went through sexual abuse at the hands of her father as a child, passionately tells the women, “It was his fault and no one else’s, so don’t you dare make excuses. You can’t blame yourself.”

The women ignore a phone call from the police, unwilling to hear the verdict. Soon after, Buster and Mick enter the kitchen and Buster says, “I’m sorry”. It becomes clear that Dean has been declared innocent. Buster tells Shirley he has given Dean enough money to go abroad and told him never to show his face in Walford again.

The end of the episode saw Linda Carter telling Shirley, “A few years inside… It wouldn’t have made up for what he did but it would have been something. He’s got nothing. What’s more important than love, family? He’s lost any chance of that.” She tells her husband, “I’m a survivor, Mick”. 

EastEnders returns on Monday at 8pm.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below. 


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