EastEnders: It was Abi all along! The real culprit behind Babe’s freezer ordeal revealed

Babe’s claims it was Sylvie were all lies


It was revealed in Thursday’s EastEnders that Abi Branning was behind Babe’s near death experience in The Vic’s freezer, despite Babe telling everyone it was Sylvie. True to form, it turns out that Babe was lying so that she could manipulate the situation in her favour.


The Carters, Mick in particular, were suspicious about whether Sylvie was really responsible. At the beginning of the episode Mick said, “We can’t believe a word that comes out of Babe’s mouth. Sylvie? It doesn’t make sense.”

Babe’s deception is motivated by the desire to see Sylvie, her arch-nemesis sister who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, cast as some kind of volatile threat to the people around her. Laying it on thick, she said: “What if Sylvie tries something like this again? I dread to think who could be next.”

Babe has everyone fooled after Sylvie seems to admit guilt, replying “Yeah”, when Mick asks her if she went to the Vic. When the prospect of a care home is mentioned Sylvie becomes agitated and lashes out at Babe, calling her “an evil witch” and confirming everyone’s worst suspicions.

Later in the episode, relations between Abi and Babe seem to have thawed when Babe helps her to get her job in the kitchen back. However, during a moment alone, while Babe is using a meat tenderiser to menacing effect, the truth comes out.

“You are seriously sick,” says Abi. ‘It’s not me who locks people in freezers,” is Babe’s shocking retort. Abi shows no remorse for what she did, spitting out, “It’s a pity you didn’t freeze to death,” while Babe seems strangely proud of what Abi has become, telling her, “I taught you well, girl. Except, I’d have finished what I started.”  

How will Abi’s twisted relationship with Babe be affected by the fact that she tried to kill her? Did Babe secure Abi’s job in the kitchen purely so she could exert her manipulative powers over her once again?

EastEnders returns on Friday at 8pm.

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