EastEnders: Babe locked in the freezer!

But who did it and will she make it out alive?


Aunt Babe finally got her comeuppance in tonight’s episode of EastEnders when she was locked inside the freezer at the Vic by an unknown assailant.


We never saw the mystery attacker but with Babe’s track record there are plenty of suspects to choose from, as detailed here – and quite a few of Babe’s enemies were out and about on the Square last night…

Perhaps Les and Pam decided they’d finally had enough of Babe’s blackmail? Les was a little out of sorts all episode, even saying of Babe: “This is our problem and I’ll deal with it”. He left home in the evening, telling Pam he was going to see if the chippie was still open.

Claudette, who is aware of Babe’s blackmailing, said “I think I’ll throw a party!” when it seemed as though Babe was leaving Walford for good. However, after their altercation, Babe stayed and the last time we saw Claudette she was leaving Patrick to find a bottle of rum and meet him back at his place. Did she find the time to make a detour to the Vic?

Abi has been a victim of Babe’s manipulation in the past. In tonight’s episode we saw Babe seemingly place a hair in Masood’s pub dinner, sabotaging Abi who was kicked out of the pub when Linda sided with her relative.

We also saw Sylvie slipping out of the house without Sonia noticing. 

Will we find out who locked Babe in the freezer and left her for dead? And will Babe survive?

Eastenders returns on Tuesday at 7.30pm.

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