EastEnders: “lives are at risk” when Gavin returns, reveals Letitia Dean – is Sharon going to die?

The actress also reveals what drama lies ahead at Peggy's funeral


There’s high drama for Sharon next week on EastEnders when, first, she grows increasingly concerned about Phil, when he struggles to write the eulogy for Peggy’s funeral. Then comes an unexpected visit from Margaret, who arrives to say that Gavin has been acting strangely…


After realising that Gavin has been in contact with Dennis, Sharon grows increasingly concerned. And she later gets a further shock when she discovers that Kathy has been seen driving off with Gavin.

By the end of the week, Sharon has to put thoughts of Peggy’s funeral to one side when, thanks to the machinations of Gavin, she’s put in grave danger. Soap bosses are remaining tight-lipped about what exactly it is that happens to her – but, here, Letitia Dean teases all the tensions to come…

What’s Phil and Sharon’s relationship like at this point?
I think Phil and Sharon can’t be apart and when Peggy came home for the final time Sharon was the only one who could really be there for Phil. It made her realise that he was her family whether she liked it or not. Sharon has so much history with the Mitchells, especially Phil, and the idea of Phil being alone and in pain was too much for Sharon.

Sharon’s really stepped up for the Mitchells since Peggy died – have you enjoyed this storyline?
There was a really lovely moment between Peggy and Sharon where they acknowledged they haven’t always been each other’s biggest fans but recognised how important they were to each other and Peggy almost handed over the matriarchal baton to Sharon as head of the family.

It was possibly at that point she realised she was always going to be a part of Phil’s life and that there was just no way on earth she wasn’t going to be there for him. She was definitely the one rallying everyone round and making the decisions when everyone else was at a loss.

How does Sharon feel having Sam in the Square?
Sam coming back is a shock. It’s obviously been a long time since anyone has seen her and she is trouble through and through. But Peggy is her Mum, so of course she had to be there for the funeral. They do have a bit of a run-in with each other and Sharon is caught out, which really panics her, especially seeing as Sam has come back and seems to be unhappy that Sharon is so involved with the Mitchells.

Do you think Sharon’s disappointed that Grant didn’t come to the funeral?
When Sharon hears that Grant isn’t with Sam, I think she is probably a bit relieved. When Grant came back the last time, he and Sharon had a “moment” and all that history and all those old feelings just flared up really unexpectedly. All she’s focused on is getting Phil, Ben and Louise through the day so she’s pleased not to have that distraction.

Can you give us a little tease about what happens at the funeral?
She’s really worried about Phil as he’s really struggling to prepare for the funeral and write the eulogy. She knows that he wants to do his mum proud and she’s worried that he’s putting himself under too much pressure, but she also knows how difficult it is for him. It’s a really emotional day for everyone, but it’s a beautiful send off for Peggy. It’s going to be a difficult day for the Mitchells.

How did you react when you read the script for the funeral?
I think Peggy’s final scenes were all really special and it was only right that her funeral was a special send-off too and it really is. It’s a proper East End funeral with all her nearest and dearest. I think Peggy would have been proud.

Do you think Sharon and Phil can really have a future?
Yes! They really have been through so much together and if they’ve made it this far, it would be hard for them to walk away from each other. They tried that already and it didn’t work. At the end of the day, Sharon knows who Phil is and she knows what the family is like. I don’t think anything else could surprise her now.

In the midst of all of this, Margaret arrives – why does Sharon refuse to listen to her?
Sharon’s priority at that moment is making sure the family are ready for Peggy’s funeral. The last thing on her mind is Gavin and she really doesn’t want the fuss. She knows Gavin means trouble and she doesn’t want anything to do with it. It doesn’t even cross her mind to help. She just wants Margaret gone.

What’s Sharon’s reaction when she realises Dennis has been in contact with Gavin? Is she concerned at this point?
She definitely doesn’t realise the severity of the situation, but she’s concerned about what Gavin has been saying to Dennis. Her worst nightmare is Gavin influencing Dennis and being a part of his life.

Is Sharon nervous when she goes to help Kathy?
She is really nervous! She knows how dangerous Gavin is. She has seen what he did to Phil and also how he behaved at Halloween. But now she knows he’s her father, I think a small part of her believes he wouldn’t hurt her. But can she really be sure of that?

We know Sharon, Kathy and Buster find themselves in a dangerous situation, can you give us a tease about this?
All I will say is all lives are at risk. Gavin is a man on a mission and he is desperate, which is a really dangerous mix.

Could Sharon ever have a relationship with Gavin or has he gone too far this time?
I honestly don’t know if Sharon and Gavin can recover from everything that’s happened. But it’s unclear how Gavin feels about having a relationship with his daughter and grandson – is he just using them to get to Kathy? He is a difficult man to predict!

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