EastEnders: Bobby Beale gets three-year prison sentence – what happens next?

Discover what the future holds for the family following tonight's court ruling


Bobby Beale has been banged up for three years after being convicted of killing his half sister Lucy and committing grievous bodily harm on adoptive mum Jane.


Tonight’s episode of EastEnders saw Bobby plead guilty and be sentenced at court, while anguished dad Ian looked on. Earlier in the week, Ian had been seen admitting that he felt Bobby ought to go to prison.

In the wake of Bobby being sent to a youth detention centre, Ian was seen being approached by DI Keeble, who asked him when he’d found out that his son was guilty.

When Ian replied that he’d discovered the truth back in February 2015 on his wedding day to Jane, Keeble decided not to pursue the case, saying that the Beale family had suffered enough.

Whether Max – who was last week released from jail after being wrongly convicted back in October – will be so forgiving remains to be seen.

This evening’s visit to Walford ended with a hospitalised Jane managing to squeeze Ian’s hand, a sign that she might be recovering the use of her arms and legs following a recent attack by a hockey-stick-wielding Bobby.

Friday’s episode of EastEnders will see the Beales continuing to try and come to terms with the outcome of Bobby’s hearing, but their minds turn elsewhere when they receive some good news about Jane’s condition.

But Ian’s good mood doesn’t last long and there’s soon a fresh development concerning Bobby with which to contend…Find out more tomorrow night at 8pm.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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