EastEnders: Claudette to attack Gavin again? Actress Ellen Thomas hints at more mayhem in the future

The actress also teases upcoming clashes with Grant and Phil


Last time scheming Claudette Hubbard clashed with wicked Gavin Sullivan, he barely came through the experience in one piece. A blow around the head with a candlestick and it looked like Gavin was a goner. But Paul Nicholas’s East End villain lived to fight another day.


Not that Ellen Thomas – who plays Claudette – wants Gavin to stay in the land of the living for long. “She could try and do it another again. I’d love to,” the actress told RadioTimes.com on the red carpet at the British Soap Awards. “She has definite anger management issues. When the red mist comes down, clear the room! She goes crazy.”

In the aftermath of Claudette’s Mother’s Day attack on Gavin, she ended up being ostracised by her family after admitting that she’d bumped off Vincent’s dad and also led poor Fatboy to his grisly demise.

But Thomas believes that Vincent will end up reconciling with his unpredictable mum. “Of course he’ll forgive her. But it’ll take time. Will he cut her off? Nah. What you haven’t seen yet is that she studied psychology. She knows how to manipulate and get into people’s psyche. She’s devious!”

As for who she has in her sights, the actress also hinted at further confrontations with the Mitchell family. “She’s got a bee in her bonnet where they’re concerned and it hasn’t been resolved. She has to get her own back on Grant and Phil in a way that will avenge her family.”

Scary words. And you can bet that Claudette is a women who will live up to her threats!

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