EastEnders fans left feeling sick after Bobby Beale strikes again

Bobby attacked his mum Jane in shocking scenes during last night's EastEnders, which some fans dubbed too graphic for before the watershed


Last night’s episode of EastEnders saw Bobby Beale strike again. The 11-year-old, who killed his sister Lucy in 2014, is back from boarding school and he’s already causing more potentially murderous mayhem in the square.


At the end of Friday night’s episode, Bobby could be seen brutally attacking his mum Jane with a hockey stick – and soap fans soon took to social media to express their shock.

Some viewers felt the scenes were too graphic to be shown before the watershed: 

One fan even said the storyline left her feeling sick: 

The bloodsplattered wedding cake divided fans too, with some saying it was gruesome and others being quick to crack jokes. 

But, really, with Jane’s fate left in the balance, EastEnders fans just didn’t know what to think…


EastEnders continues on Monday on BBC1