The EastEnders cast name their favourite Peggy Mitchell moments – discover the choices of Danny Dyer, Letitia Dean, June Brown and many more

As Barbara Windsor bows out, Walford's most familiar faces pick some classic Peggy highlights


It’s time to say goodbye to Peggy Mitchell tonight as Dame Barbara Windsor makes her final appearance on the BBC1 soap. Viewers can see Walford’s most famous landlady breathe her last in poignant scenes to be screened from 7.25pm. But before then, why not take a trip down memory lane with the help of some of E20’s finest as they take their pick of Peggy’s Greatest Hits…


Gillian Taylforth (Kathy)
I love any of Peggy’s scenes where she is with her boys. This time around, I remember sitting in the green room and seeing Peggy, Grant and Phil in the pub and I just went “my god – there’s history.” The three of them together was such a moment, it took your breath away a bit, it really did. For me, those were the days. Then Tish walked in and I said, “Look at that. Ain’t that a show!” It felt like it was time to reminisce and sit there and take it all in.

June Brown (Dot)
There are so many scenes in which Barbara was great. Her breast cancer storyline was a particularly poignant one. And I loved the time she was outside the Vic when it was going up in flames. She had Phil locked inside, as she was trying to get him over his drug addiction, but Phil escapes and sets the pub on fire. It would have been heartbreaking for her seeing the Vic like that – she’s so associated with that pub.

Letitia Dean (Sharon)
Every Peggy scene was a joy! But if I had to pick one I would say I loved the Pat slap in The Vic when they were arguing about Frank. Their friendship was just so classic and iconic.

Lisa Hammond (Donna)
I just love her. It’s the way she walks in and out of scenes that I really enjoy. Whenever I think of her I think of her charging in through the doors and making a grand entrance. She has a big presence. I really like her scenes with her and her two boys and she’s telling them off. Especially when she’sin the middle because she is so little but she completely has them under her thumb.

Natalie Cassidy (Sonia)
I’d have to say my favourite Peggy scenes were the ones involving her fighting with Pat! They were the best of friends and the worst of enemies at the same time and that’s what was so brilliant about them.

My absolute favourite was when Pat slapped Peggy and said “You bitch!” and Peggy slaps her back and says “You cow!” It was just so iconic and there was even a dance track made out of it. It was just a fantastic soap moment. It’s what EastEnders are great at doing. Especially because the two of them are such brilliant matriarchs of the Square. 

Emma Barton (Honey)
My favourite Peggy scene would have to be when she learns of Frank’s affair with Pat. Obviously the double slap… we felt sad for her but at the same time happened to be in hysterics. Brilliantly played.

Danny Dyer (Mick)
That’s a tricky one as there have been so many! I think she got the ultimate ending the last time, although she is coming back to end her run which I am sure will be emotional. But those scenes when The Vic was on fire and she later walked down the road and looked back at her pub before leaving. I think it was a very poignant and fitting exit and a very emotional one.

Kellie Bright (Linda)
I’d probably say favourite scene was the one where she slapped Pat and then got slapped back!

Lacey Turner (Stacey)
My favourite scene was Pat and Peggy drunk in the ice cream van! In fact, all the Pat and Peggy scenes were so good to watch over the years.  

Harry Reid (Ben)
It’s more of a favourite story – it has to be the relationship between Peggy and Pat. If I had to pick a scene, it would have to be the moment Peggy read out Frank’s leaving letter and then slapped them both!

Jamie Borthwick (Jay)
It’s got to be when she slapped Pat. It’s so iconic and the way she just slaps her is great.

Lorna Fitzgerald (Abi)
It would be when her and Pat got drunk in the ice cream van and Phil finds them. He’s like “what are you doing?” and they’re just drunk. It’s two girls having a great time – I love it.

Rita Simons (Roxy)
“Let it burn!” I know how much the Vic meant to Barbara and I knew it actually did break her heart to see it burn. It marked the beginning of her official exit first time round and it was a very final moment for her and us.

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