EastEnders next week: Grant returns, Bobby strikes again, Peggy dies – and will Stacey and Martin get married?

It's a momentous week for the Mitchells - and a life-changing one for the Beales!


Your guide to all of next week’s drama in Albert Square:


1. Grant is back

Yes, Grant is back in town and sparks are set to fly between him and Phil – but will the Mitchell brothers be able to put their differences aside for the sake of their ailing mum? WIth Grant struggling to come to terms with Peggy’s news that she’s dying, he turns to an old flame for support. Will they be able to resist temptation?

2. Peggy dies

In the run-up to her death, Peggy will be seen having a heart to heart with Stacey, forgiving her for everything that happened with Archie and encouraging her to enjoy life to the full. Dame Barbara Windsor’s final scenes will then air on Tuesday 17 May (note the earlier start time of 7.25pm) when Peggy takes her last breath – but not without a few poignant nods to the past…

3. Bobby strikes again

After learning some upsetting news, an annoyed Bobby takes matters into his own hands as he takes his anger out on Jane’s car. By Friday, events take an even more sinister turn when Bobby loses his temper again – show bosses are promising that the consequences will change the Beale family forever!

4. Stacey and Martin’s wedding day dawns

News of Peggy’s death rocks Stacey and she starts to have doubts about her wedding. But, by the end of the week, Stacey will have decided to go ahead with her nuptials. So will she and Martin get the wedding day of their dreams?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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