EastEnders next week: Roxy and Glenda return, Denise Welch debuts as Kyle’s mum, plus Kush’s brother Shakil arrives

2-6 March: Plus the locals ramp up their protests against Ian


1. Roxy and Glenda Mitchell return


Ronnie gets a shock when Roxy turns up suddenly on her doorstep and is soon turning to mum Glenda for help. By Wednesday, Ronnie will have made an upsetting discovery about Roxy, but can she get help for her sister?

2. Denise Welch debuts as Kyle’s mum Alison

Get ready for a soap swap when Denise Welch (formerly Natalie Barnes on Corrie) does a one-episode stint in Walford as Kyle’s mum Alison. But how will she react to seeing Kyle for the first time since he decided to transition? Can she accept her son’s choice?

3. Carmel’s son Shakil arrives

Kush’s brother Shakil turns up with the aim of reuniting mum Carmel and dad Umar. Kush soon realises that all is not as it seems and learns the truth about Shakil’s real aims. And an upset Carmel tries to convince her boy to remain in Walford after reaching the conclusion that he needs her around.

4. Martin is dicing with danger

Stacey is delighted when Martin returns home, but when alone, he’s confronted by Andy who tells Martin he knows he was fired from the job and questions where his money is coming from. By Wednesday, Martin will be seen taking Andy up on his offer of rather dodgy employment, but does he really know what he’s getting himself into?

5. The residents take drastic action against Ian

A guilty Jane and Ian tell Tina that they no longer need her to work at the cafe as they will have more time. After learning that the petition against the CostMart has been denied, Tina comes up with an idea to stop Ian from selling Beale’s. Later, the residents of Albert Square are seen taking drastic action by preventing customers from entering the cafe. Will Ian be able to convince his regulars to stop boycotting his businesses?

6. Sonia reels from Tina’s bombshell

Sonia is distraught after learning that Tina slept with Soph and kicks them both out. But when Tina is given a chance to explain her feelings to Sonia, the pair quickly make amends. But there’s more drama to come when, after finding a lump, Sonia prepares to see a specialist at the doctor’s. By Tuesday, the pressure is getting too much for Sonia and she breaks down in Dot’s arms.

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