Next week on EastEnders: Nancy and Tamwar leave – but will Masood go too? Plus Louise is in more trouble

18-22 April 2016: And Martin's new venture backfires


All next week’s drama in Albert Square revealed…


1. Nancy and Tamwar exit – but is Masood going with them?

We’ve known for a while that Nancy and Tamwar would be leaving Albert Square, but their exit date has now been revealed to be Friday 22 April. But the big question is: will Masood be going with them? Tam’s dad becomes disillusioned with life in Walford following a disastrous date and surprises everyone by buying three around-the-world tickets. But Nancy just wants it to be her and Tamwar who take the trip – leaving it to Mick to try and find a solution to the tricky situation…

2. Martin gets into trouble on the market

Martin reveals his plan to start his own stall and make more money, but the news of where he got his new merchandise from comes as a bit of a shock. Sure enough, Martin discovers later in the week that his new products are useless and panics about the money he’s lost. In the end it’s left to Andy to offer Martin a helping hand.

3. Louise turns to shoplifting

Phil orders Jay to keep an eye on Louise but she takes advantage of the situation and sneaks away, only to be caught stealing a bottle of wine in the Minute Mart. A fuming Phil arrives to collect Louise, but with Denise doubtful that she will be punished, she decides to call the police. Is Louise going to be the latest Mitchell with a criminal record?

4. It’s men versus women at darts

Meanwhile, Buster rounds up a men’s team to challenge the ladies at darts, but he gets more than he bargained for when Shirley unveils her secret weapon…

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