Next week on EastEnders: Johnny returns, Ben humiliates Abi, plus Kyle argues with Jean

11-15 April 2016: And can Masood forgive Carmel?


Your guide to all next week’s drama in Albert Square…


1. Johnny Carter returns

Johnny Carter is back, now played by Ted Reilly. But don’t expect a happy return for the Carters’ son – he’s split up from boyfriend Gianluca and is soon learning all about Linda’s rape by Dean. Struggling to come to terms with all that his family has kept from him, Johnny later snaps and tells Mick that he blames him for everything. By Friday, though, Johnny has hard a change of heart and is trying to heal the wounds and bring the Carters back together. But little does he realise that Nancy is opening up to Tamwar about how she’s feeling trapped in Walford…

2. Ben exposes Abi’s lies

Refusing to be blackmailed by Louise, Abi chooses instead to reveal the truth to boyfriend Ben about her pregnancy lie. Abi is relieved when Ben begins to kiss her and remove her clothes, but events take a sudden turn when he drags her out into the bar and reveals her secret to everyone in the Vic. By Tuesday, Abi is feeling the brunt of both Ben and Phil’s anger, leaving it to Jay to remind them that all this has happened because Ben won’t admit the truth about being gay. As the week ends, Ben has invited Paul for a drink to tell him that he’s fed up of lying about who he is. But will his plan to impress Paul work?

3. Jean interrogates Kyle

A family lunch ends in acrimony when Jean insists that Kyle is lying about who he is. Stacey will be seen trying to lighten the mood by revealing the date of her wedding, but Jean refuses to celebrate and continues to interrogate Kyle. Feeling caught, Kyle reveals the truth about his past, but Jean refuses to believe him. Horrified by her mum’s words, it’s left to Stacey to defend Kyle. But it seems that a fresh bombshell is about to hit the family during Thursday’s episode thanks to news from Belinda…

4. Carmel argues with Masood

Stacey tries to build bridges with Carmel, who then promises to talk to Masood. But Carmel’s words fall on deaf ears and, when Masood continues to ignore her, she makes a scene at the Vic and apologises in front of everyone. Carmel reminds Masood that what’s happened with Stacey shouldn’t come between them, but will he listen?

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