Next week on EastEnders: Nancy packs her bags, Kyle moves in with Stacey, plus Phil loses Janet

And Mick and Linda are at loggerheads as Ollie comes home from hospital


Your guide to all of next week’s drama in Albert Square…


1. Stacey bonds with Kyle

Stacey is back in the Square for a day visit but things take an unexpected turn when she bumps into Kyle. When her brother opens up about his past, Stacey soon finds that connections are made. And by the end of Tuesday’s episode, Stacey will be soon offering Kyle her spare room after learning that he has nowhere to live.

2. Sparks fly between Phil and Shirley

Buster may be growing frustrated that Phil is crashing on his sofa, but Shirley seems to be in a more forgiving mood with her alcoholic ex. As the two of them reminisce, some of that old Mitchell magic starts to work on our Shirl. Will she give in to temptation?

3. Phil loses Janet

The idea of Phil as a childminder sounds like a bad idea, but that doesn’t stop Billy from asking him to look after his kids for the day. Pretty soon, Billy and Honey are fretting over Janet’s whereabouts after Phil lets her out of his sight. Thankfully, Nancy finds Janet eating chocolate in the barrel store at the Vic – but honestly Billy: what were you thinking of in the first place?

4. Ollie Carter comes home

With baby Ollie back from hospital, Mick is concerned as to whether his son has changed, but Linda scolds him for his negativity and insists that he’s fine. With the pressure growing, Mick angrily calls a halt to an Easter egg hunt before telling a devastated Nancy that he can never forgive her for what happened to Ollie. Can Nancy be stopped from packing her bags and moving to Italy to live with Johnny?

5. Ben’s birthday goes awry

Abi arranges a birthday celebration for Ben, but the occasion is ruined when a drunken Phil arrives. And then there’s the fact that Ben chooses to unburden himself to Paul before leaning in for a kiss. By the end of the week, though, a conflicted Ben is suggesting to Abi that they need to get a baby scan booked. As Abi breaks down, Babe realises that they need to think of an idea fast to stop Abi from discovering the truth about the pregnancy…

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