EastEnders: Claudette will want revenge on Vincent, says Richard Blackwood

"I'm sure Vincent would be very nervous if he knew that Claudette was still alive," says the Walford star


Claudette Hubbard may currently be lying on a hospital trolley with no memory of her son Vincent’s attempts to have her buried in his basement – but don’t expect the situation to stay like that forever.


When asked whether Claudette will come back to the Square to get her revenge on Vincent, actor Richard Blackwood does not mince his words.

“I doubt very highly that she will rest easy and let that slide,” says the EastEnders star. “We all know that Claudette is a woman of low remorse. We saw her say that she considered Vincent’s dad to be dirt under her feet.”

So could Vincent be in danger? “I’m sure he’d be very nervous if he knew that Claudette was still alive. He’d be more scared of her than of any villain!”

For the moment, though, Vincent remains under the impression that his sinister mum has met her maker and that her body is stashed under concrete in the basement of number one Albert Square. So how is the supposed death of Claudette going to change Vincent?

“I think it will make him harder but also bring him closer to his family. Now he’s truly the man of the house, whereas before he was governed by his mum.

“He is like a cub that has been let out and has been forced to become that lion and the head of the household. He doesn’t have a safety net anymore.”

Tonight’s double bill also served as a reminder that Vincent can be an unscrupulous operator when required. Viewers had been under the impression that beneath the hard man stares lay a caring soul who only wanted what was best for his daughter Pearl.

But, as we saw this evening, he’s also handy with a shovel when it comes to burying seemingly dead family members and pretty adept at coldly covering his tracks.

Adds Blackwood: “People shouldn’t forget that Vincent is a villain first and foremost. He commits crime and he knows how to do it with style and be an upper echelon kind of guy with the way he carries himself. But he is still a villain at heart.

“You have to work your way through the ranks, so I think he has had to get his hands dirty before delegating people to do his work for him, which we have seen. But he has also definitely been in the trenches.”

And something tells us that it’s very much going to be trench warfare once Claudette comes to her senses and finds her way back to the Square…

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